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Youth Wrestling - Pinning by the Numbers (DVD)

Youth Wrestling - Pinning by the Numbers

Youth Wrestling - Pinning by the Numbers

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Over 20 Pinning combinations are presented in a systematic step-by-step approach. Coaches, parents, and most importantly Youth wrestlers can quickly learn each technique. Each move is broken down into a systematic way to teach the move to your wrestler. For example, you call out 1 and they do one step of the move, then 2 and your wrestler goes to the next step, 3 and 4 follow to complete the move.

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Owners Comments: I personally use the technique he teaches and the manner in which he shows youth wrestling moves in my practices. If you are a youth wrestling coach or even if you are a high school coach and looking for a different way to teach technique, you should check out one of his Youth Wrestling DVD"s. Several customers that I personally recommended buying a tape to, thanked me for my recommendation and made it a point to tell me. Keep in mind, I don"t get to personally talk with many customers.

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