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Youth Practice: Games and Drills (DVD)

Youth Practice: Games and Drills (DVD)

Youth Practice: Games and Drills (DVD)

$ 19.98


with Townsend Saunders,
Olympic Silver Medalist

Finally, a games and drills DVD for those who coach elementary-level wrestlers! Saunders demonstrates over 10 games and drills that are designed to create a fast-paced practice that will help develop proper technique while keeping the practice atmosphere fun. Saunders divides the DVD into four parts: Warm-up, Drills, Games, and Live Wrestling. Each segment features elementary-aged wrestlers demonstrating technique during a live practice. The drills cover technique for singles, doubles, duck unders and more. The games include Sharks and Minnows, Queen Bee, Knot Pull and more. These games and drills have been proven effective in keeping young athlete"s attention, while building strong fundamentals.


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