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Wrestling Strength: Dare To Excel

Wrestling Strength: Dare To Excel

Wrestling Strength: Dare To Excel

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"Matt Brzycki has been an incredible asset to my strength-training regimen. One of the premier strength coaches in the country, Matt knows how to bring athletes to competition with a strength that is unparalleled, while keeping them healthy and ambitious. And while a good coach knows how to train to perfection, a great coach knows how to impart this knowledge to his/her athletes in a workable manner. It"s through his many years of experience that Matt has excelled in training his athletes."

- Greg Parker
Princeton University

"Wrestling Strength: Dare To Excel" features the following chapters and much, much more:

  • Basic Training for Wrestling: The Essentials
  • Factors That Determine Strength Potential
  • How Many Sets?
  • Post-Fatigue Repetitions
  • Five Steps For Productive Reps
  • Order Of Excercise
  • The Importance Of Recovery
  • Documenting Your Performance In The Weight Room
  • Improving Power for Wrestling
  • Back With A Vengeance
  • A Grip Tip
  • Which Are Better: Free Weights or Machines?

About The Author:

Matt Brzycki has been a featured speaker at local, regional, state and national conferences, clinics and camps throughout the United States and Canada. Since November 1984, he has written more than 240 articles on strength and fitness that have been featured in 40 different publications. Brzycki has authored, co-authored or edited 11 books including Wrestling Strength: The Competitive Edge (2002) and Wrestling Strength: Prepare To Win (2002). His involvement in training collegiate wrestlers date back to 1982. He and his wife, Alicia, reside in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, with their son, Ryan.