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ASICS Aggressor 2 Retired

ASICS Aggressor 2 Retired

$ 79.98

$ 110.00


The ASICS Aggressor 2 comes from a long line of shoes with a different name and this is the Second version of the shoe that has been around for somewhere around 10 years. This shoe has been consistently updated and tweaked with different versions improving it's performance on the mat. Don't be fooled by the price of some of these colors, it's an amazing shoe. 

Priced to sell, these shoes were $110 to $120 a pair of shoes. At this price, even if you don't love the color, pick up a pair to donate or to wear as your practice shoe. Some colors are priced at $60 and most others are still a great deal at around $80.00. These shoes are selling fast, if you see your size grab it now.

The Aggressor 2's have been retired and these colors have been retired a few years before the Aggressor 2 had been replaced with the Aggressor 3 wrestling shoes. 

Wrestling Shoe Features:

  • Escaine Upper
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • DuoSole Outsole

Shoe Sizing:

For most ASICS shoes, we recommend adding 1/2 size to a current gym/running shoe. Example:  if you are a size 6.0, you would order a size 6.5.  This recommendation works for most customers.  

Due to the discounted price, if there is a sizing change, this shoe does not qualify for a free exchange for a sizing change. Also, orders for close out shoes do not qualify for Free Shipping. You must pay for either USPS or UPS shipping for orders with close out shoes on them.

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