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adidas adizero Varner

adidas adizero Varner

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The adidas adizero Varner Wrestling Shoes - the signature shoe of Jack Varner.  Wear what an elite athlete wears, and get that "broken in" feel from the moment you put them on.  With a lightweight upper and new adizero outsole for excellent grip and speed.

Wrestling Shoe Features:

  • Overlay mix - one piece extremely breathable single layer engineered mesh body
  • Leather outsole - split-suede outsole overlays allow for the right amount of grip
  • EVA wedge - internal, die-cut EVA midsole assists perfect attack stance

Please note these shoes do not have Lace Guards. You may want to purchase a couple rolls of athletic tape for your laces. We carry the tape in an assortment of colors.

Shoe Sizing:

For most adidas shoes, we recommend adding 1/2 size to a current gym/running shoe. Example:  if you are a size 6.0, you would order a size 6.5.  This recommendation works for most customers.  If you find this is not the case, please check out our Buy Wrestling Shoes Worry Free page.