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ASICS Gel Reversible Kneepads Red/Royal

ASICS Gel Reversible Kneepads

ASICS Gel Reversible Kneepads

$ 29.98


The kneepad that gets noticed. Reversible, with an EVA pad, the Asics Gel Cushioning System, and a flocked logo.
Benefits: Absorbs shock, Durable Color Options, Helps Custion Impact. Sold in Pairs. 

Features: Asics Gel Cushioning System, Reversible Neoprene Material and EVA Pad.

 Sizing information - Measure around center of the knee.

Small - 12" to 13" 
Medium - 13" to 15" 
Large - 15" to 17" 
X-Large - 17" to 18"

If around the high end of range, you can size up to allow for more comfort and growth. Otherwise strictly follow the sizing chart.