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adidas Response Headgear

adidas Response Headgear

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The Adidas aE100 Response Ear Guard has the popular 4 strap ear guard design you expect from Adidas Response headgear and also comes with the spacer strap at the top along with a chin cup. The low profile ear cup and soft foam cover of this Adidas wrestling headgear make this style a classic. Worn by top wrestlers at not only the high school level, but also the collegiate level. This has become a popular headgear recently.


  • Adjustable vinyl straps
  • Injection molded internal plastic ear cup
  • Soft foam covered ear cups
  • Chin cup option as well at no additional cost
  • Chin cup pad in case you don't want to use the chin cup

Note: Our Adidas Response headgear comes with the chin strap pad in case you don't like the chin cup. Most of our competitors will only offer the chin cup option. Be sure you know what you are getting.

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