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Masel Doubleguard Mouthguard

Masel Doubleguard Mouthguard

$ 7.48

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Masel Doubleguard - Double Mouthguard for Braces

The Masel Doubleguard model conforms to recent NCAA and high school guidelines for mouthguards that are now mandatory in a number of states. This double mouthguard for braces will protect both the upper and lower braces..

If you’re looking for the best mouthguard for braces, you’ve found it. Doubleguard is the best non-custom mouthpiece for braces available for athletes who wear braces. Better than the look-alike copies, Masel double mouthguards for braces are made to deliver both protection and comfort at a very affordable price!

Doubleguard protects your sports-active wrestlers.

  • Stays comfortably in place, ensuring protection
  • Adapts to teeth and appliances
  • Prevents breathing and gagging problems
  • Can't be swallowed or dislodged on impact
  • Conforms to NCAA guidelines 
  • Comes individually wrapped
Mouthguards cannot be returned or exchanged.