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CleatSkins Premier Wrestling ShoeSkins

CleatSkins Premier Wrestling ShoeSkins

CleatSkins Premier Wrestling ShoeSkins

$ 24.98


Please note these Do Not fit the Asics Aggressors. The Cleatskins Pro fit the Asics Aggressors.

When time is sensitive and it's time to move... Cleatskins wrestling shoe covers help make things happen because they are so easy to use. Just slip them over your wrestling shoes and get where you need to be.
NCWA and Cleatskins understand the importance of keeping the mat clean and germ free. Cleatskins wrestling shoeskins quickly and easily slip over wrestling shoes for travel to and from the mat. Wrestlers can go where and when they want without changing shoes and without fear of either tracking germs.

Why Cleatskins Premier wrestling shoe covers?

* Save time - no need to change shoes between or after matches
* Stay healthy - keep the mat clean and keep yourself and other wrestlers healthy
* No limits - go where you want, when you want, without having to change shoes
* Protect your shoes - less wear and tear on your shoes mean they will last longer

These Premier Cleatskins do not qualify for our Shoe Sizing Guarantee.

 Use the Charts Below to Find the Appropriate Product

XS (Youth)            Small (Youth)          Medium               Medium Large
 • Mens: 1 - 2.5        • Mens: 3 - 4.5       •Mens: 5 - 6.5     •Mens: 7 - 8.5
 •Womens: 2 - 3.5   •Womens: 4 - 5.5   •Womens: 6 - 8   •Womens: 8.5 - 10

Large                               XL                          2XL                     3XL (Pro Only)
•Mens: 9 - 10.5           • Mens: 11 - 12.5        •Mens: 13 - 14.5
   •Mens: 15 - 16.5
•Womens: 10.5 - 12