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Wartburg Drill System: Conditioning Drills (DVD)

Wartburg Drill System: Conditioning Drills (DVD)

Wartburg Drill System: Conditioning Drills (DVD)

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with Dave Malecek,
Wartburg College Assistant Coach, 4X NCAA DIII Team Championships ("96, "99, "03, "04);
former All-American wrestler at UNI

foreword by Jim Miller,
Wartburg College Head Coach;
2004 Dan Gable Coach of the Year (All Divisions)

Wartburg"s Coach Malecek provides innovative drills in eight areas that are sure to get your wrestlers peaking at the right time. The drills that Malecek has designed use aerodyne bikes, plates, stretchy ropes, chin-up bars, climbing ropes, tractor tires, sand bags and rocks. These drills can also serve as team-building activities, competitive games and injury rehabilitation exercises. As a bonus, taped match footage is interspersed with several of the drills to clearly demonstrate the positive benefit of learning and utilizing these practice drills and the positive effect on the technique and performance in a match! The Wartburg squad has been using these drills for the past six years, during which time they have had remarkable success on the mat; their conditioning drills, which is shared on this DVD, have been a major factor in the teams" successes!

31 minutes. 2005.

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