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Top Position: Basic Techniques (DVD)

Top Position: Basic Techniques (DVD)

Top Position: Basic Techniques (DVD)

$ 19.98


with Townsend Saunders,
Olympic Silver Medalist

Teach your wrestlers how to stay on top and gain the fall with this excellent DVD from Townsend Saunders. Following a brief overview on the proper stance, Saunders covers a variety of breakdown and riding techniques that will allow your wrestlers to stay on top of their opponent. He covers ankle attacks, Spiral Ride, 180 Breakdown and more. Saunders includes drills within the demonstration to reinforce proper techniques. Next, Saunders goes into pinning combinations covering Turks, Tilts, Chicken Wing, Half Nelson, Three-quarter Nelson and Leg Riding. As a bonus, Saunders - a 2-time Olympian - covers three freestyle attacks to score from the top position. These techniques will enable young wrestlers to build strong fundamentals to propel them to the next level!


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