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Tom Brands - Fireman's Carry (DVD)

Tom Brands - Fireman's Carry (DVD)

Tom Brands - Fireman's Carry (DVD)

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with Tom Brands, University of Iowa Head Coach; 2009 & 2008 NCAA Champions; 2008 NWCA Coach of the Year; 2X Big Ten Conference Champions; 2X Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year; '96 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2X World Cup Champion, 3X NCAA Champion (Iowa), 2004 Olympic Freestyle Coach

Olympic and World Champion Tom Brands thoroughly covers the Fireman's Carry in this clinic demonstration at the Dan Gable Asics Wrestling Clinic. Coach Brands begins with a demonstration on the proper mechanics of the fireman's carry, concentrating on the penetration and hip control. From there he covers a number of different fireman's variations from different set-ups. These include the overhook, collar tie and two-on-one. In addition, Brands covers different finishes versus the sprawl, over/under and crackdown. He also shows a variation of the Outside Fireman's Carry. An excellent DVD that will add another dimension to your takedown arsenal.

Format: DVD 46 minutes. 2007.

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