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Tom Brands:  Finish with an Attitude (DVD)

Tom Brands: Finish with an Attitude (DVD)

Tom Brands: Finish with an Attitude (DVD)

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With Tom Brands, current University of Iowa Head Coach, former Virginia Tech University Head Coach, "96 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2X World Cup Champion, 3X NCAA Champion (Iowa), 2004 Olympic Freestyle Coach, and former University of Iowa Assistant

Tom Brands reminds us that when trying to score with a single leg, the real work starts once your wrestler gets the leg in the air.

Brands passes along options for finishes in three areas: Single leg, high single and troubleshooting. Brands starts with the proper position to be in giving your wrestler a bigger advantage to score.

He discusses the importance of securing the leg and moving your opponent. Finishes include bump, Bazaigar, and leg on the outside, with a number of options off each one.

Brands closes with a troubleshooting demonstration covering options for your wrestler should the opponent gets a whizzer in or forces your wrestlers to the mat. Throughout the tape Brands demonstrates drills to help practice the move.

This video will provide your wrestlers a number of options to score once they have secured a single leg.

Format: DVD - 44 minutes

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