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Tim Cysewski - Inside Trips (DVD)

Tim Cysewski - Inside Trips (DVD)

Tim Cysewski - Inside Trips (DVD)

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with Tim Cysewski, Northwestern University Head Coach; 2008 USA Wrestling FILA Junior/University Person of the Year; 5X Midlands Champion, Midlands Wrestling Hall of Fame


The inside trip not only serves as a solid takedown technique, but also works as a set-up, too. In this excellent demonstration clinic session, Coach Cysewski presents the skill set needed to successfully execute the inside trip. Cysewski demonstrates the basics for the move, and includes drills to work on proper technique. He also shows different variations of the inside trip, including a number of finishing combinations, a short offense series, a high risk component and an outside finish. A great addition to anyone's takedown library.


Part of the Dan Gable ASICS Wrestling Clinic DVD Series.


Format: DVD 52 minutes. 2008.