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Terry Brands:  Brutal Bar Arm Series (DVD)

Terry Brands: Brutal Bar Arm Series (DVD)

Terry Brands: Brutal Bar Arm Series (DVD)

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Terry Brands is the current Resident Freestyle coach with USA Wrestling. Formerly the head coach of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. Also, an Olympic Bronze Medallist and two time World Champion. And a two time NCAA Champion (Iowa)

Now you can learn some of the secrets of his favorite pinning move - the bar arm series.

Terry examines the bar arm series from the beginning, taking you through a number of options with the spiral breakdown that will put your wrestler in good position to work for the fall. From there he offers a number of tilts and turns off the bar arm using a chicken wing, half nelson, and using the legs.

Brands clearly explains each move, going through it from different angles to ensure you see the entire move done properly.

An excellent tape that will give your wrestler an opportunity to score bonus team points each time he steps on the mat!

Format: DVD - 43 minutes

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