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Rob Eiter - Championship Warm-Up Drills (DVD)

Rob Eiter - Championship Warm-Up Drills (DVD)

Rob Eiter - Championship Warm-Up Drills (DVD)

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with Rob Eiter, University of Pennsylvania Head Coach former Northwestern University Assistant Wrestling Coach; 2X Olympian, 2X World Cup (Silver medalist)


Successful wrestling is made possible through demanding, consistent warm-up and practice. At the Dan Gable "on-the-mat" Demonstration Clinic (2006), Rob Eiter shared his favorite warm-up drills, and they are now available to the general public on this fantastic DVD! Coach Eiter's motto is "How you drill is how you practice." His teaching foundation is built on the concepts of stance, motion and penetration. He demands that his athletes stay in a stance throughout practice and avoid shortcuts in their warm-up. Everyday Eiter places an emphasis on the penetration step. A favorite drill is the 10, 10 and 10 drill. From a good stance, the attacker executes 10 shots between the legs, 10 to the right, and 10 to the left. The Duck and Drive depends on creating enough space to get your head under your opponent. The Duck and Drag is a similar move that can be used to success. Next, Eiter demonstrates the Clear a Collar Tie. Inside Control is a vital part of wrestling technique and is also shown on this DVD. Other features in the presentation are attacking the leg, the attacking point, the double leg/straight in and the single leg "flow series" drill. Learn to use your warm-up as a way to improve technique and move ever closer to success on the mat!


Part of the Dan Gable Wrestling Clinic DVD Series.


Format: DVD 51 minutes. 2006.


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