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Whether you're a competitive powerlifter, coach, or athlete looking for increases in strength and explosive power, look no further than Powerlifting. This book has everything you need to develop a program incorporating the three powerlifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Photos clearly illustrating the phases of each lift are accompanied by detailed descriptions emphasizing correct technique-the key to maximizing your gains and avoiding injury.

Strength expert and powerlifting competitor Barney Groves shows how to combine the lifts into a program according to your training goals. Sample programs are included for all three lifts for men and women with guidelines for different weight categories. And expert powerlifters share tips that you can use to boost your own program.

Groves also explains what to eat to build strength and size, how to enhance your performance with approved supplements, how to get psyched up for lifting, and what you need to know to enter powerlifting competitions.