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Mark Perry: Next Generation Wrestling Drills (DVD)

Mark Perry: Next Generation Wrestling Drills DVD

Mark Perry: Next Generation Wrestling Drills DVD

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Featuring Mark Perry, University of Illinois Associate Head Coach;2013 Amateur Wrestling News Division I Assistant Coach of the Year; 2x NCAA Champion and 4x All-American at the University of Iowa; 2005 NWCA Rookie of the Year; won the Gorrarian Trophy at the 2007 NCAA Championships.

Mark Perry has a rare unique perspective on wrestling: His uncle is legendary Oklahoma State Coach John Smith; in addition, Coach Perry wrestled in high school at Blair Academy under Jeff Buxton and finally learned the "Iowa way" of the sport from Tom Brands while wrestling in college. Combining his knowledge and first-hand experience, Coach Perry has developed a highly effective set of drills, from the feet and on the mat, that can take anyone to the next level of success.

Coach Perry's drills will help build a foundation of core techniques and philosophies from all positions. He explains his philosophy on drilling and how to properly execute each drill to create the most effective wrestlers. You'll also hear several examples of how his athletes are constantly using these drills to improve at even the highest levels.

Drills from the Feet - Coach Perry demonstrates four drills that help build a great base of chain wrestling from your feet to create dominate wrestlers in the neutral position. Drills include:

  • A shot position drill to train wrestlers to stay in good position to better finish leg attacks
  • A drill to recover from bad position and still finish your shot. At some point, all wrestlers wind up in a bad position. The confidence to continually attack comes, in part, from the confidence that one can recover if their attack is stopped.

Drills from the Bottom Position - Coach Perry puts his athletes in realistic situations to create drills that will help them get out of the bottom position effectively. His drills stress the attitude needed to get away from any opponent. You'll learn the base and no wrists drill to better develop the two keys to getting away.

Drills from the Top Position - Coach Perry gives you the tools to create dominate wrestlers from the top position using the latest technique. In this segment, he again stresses the attitude needed to be a dominant top wrestler. He demonstrates several drills to ride and turn your opponent.

Using his wrestlers to demonstrate the effective use of drills, Coach Perry offers a blueprint of drills to create effective chain wrestlers who can score from any position.

80 minutes. 2014.

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