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John Smith: Situational Wrestling from the Bottom Position (DVD)

John Smith: Situational Wrestling from the Bottom Position

John Smith: Situational Wrestling from the Bottom Position

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with John Smith,
Oklahoma State University Head Coach,
2011 Big 12 Coach of the Year (9x Conference Coach of the Year); 5X NCAA Championships as a coach;
2X Olympic Gold Medalist,
6X World Champion, 2X NCAA Champion

It's hard to win matches if you can't escape the bottom position. Now you can turn those losing situations into points!

In this instructional wrestling DVD, wrestling icon John Smith shows you how to come out on top when you're on the bottom.

Smith demonstrates how to beat eight common situations wrestlers struggle with:

  • Tight waist rides: Beat the most popular ride in wrestling. Smith also shows what to do if you get chopped from the tight waist.
  • Bar arms from the tight waist: Learn how to get out of 2-on-1 and bellied out situations.
  • The Tulsa Ride: See how you can use your hips to get your opponent out of position.
  • Trapped ankles: Defend near and far ankle rides. Smith includes the swisher technique to get to your feet.
  • One leg in: Learn five options based on hip position to free the leg and score points.
  • Two legs in: See how pressuring into the opponent can get you into a scramble position.
  • Crab rides: Get five options for beating crab rides including tips for beating the half nelson from the crab ride.
  • Mat returns from the feet: Learn to stay in position to get the escape.

In each area, Smith clearly defines the key to each move, concentrating on the hip and hand positions. These are the same techniques that he teaches in the Oklahoma State wrestling room. These techniques will keep your wrestlers from being ridden for long stretches of time, giving up riding time or being scored on with cheap tilts.

The hardest area of wrestling is coming off the bottom once you get stopped. Incorporate these situational wrestling drills into your practice and your wrestlers will get back to scoring position quicker and more consistently.

85 minutes. 2010.

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