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Cliff Keen No Funk MC9 Mat Cleaner

Cliff Keen No Funk MC9 Mat Cleaner

Cliff Keen No Funk MC9 Mat Cleaner

$ 69.98


Cliff Keen"s ultimate protection against MRSA, Staph, Strep, HIV, Ringworm, Athletes Foot and the Like: MC9!

Formulated into an easy-to-use liquid form -- no measuring, no spilling. No Funk! With more cleaning power in less time and effort, MC9 cleans mats, wrestling rooms and locker rooms and keeps you and your teams focused on winning, teaching and title matches. Don"t leave your wrestlers and coaches unprotected -- order MC9 -- the ultimate fighter against infection! New, improved packaging now offered in 30 pre-measured liquid packets per box.

Customers of WrestlingGear.Com love the convenience of the pre-measured packets that make it easy to get your water ready to clean your mats. One of the most important things you can do to keep your wrestlers on the mat wrestling is keep your wrestling mats clean. 

Remember to wash the mats before you wrestle on them. Often times gym classes are in there during the day before your wrestlers step on the mat. This is also good advice for youth clubs that practice after the high school team just got done wrestling. Keep those mats clean.

Each packet makes 4 gallons of mat solution for 50% greater usage per package!

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