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Carl Adams: System Of Attack (DVD)

Carl Adams: System Of Attack (DVD)

Carl Adams: System Of Attack (DVD)

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with Carl Adams,
Boston University Head Coach;
4X Conference Coach of the Year;
2X NCAA Champion wrestler at Iowa State University

For over 40 years Carl Adams has found success on the mat - both as a wrestler and as a coach. His success has stemmed from one principle: Having a system of attack. In this clinic demonstration, Coach Adams shares the "secrets" of his system of attack. Adams begins with the fundamentals, stance, movement and penetration. For Adams, success is dependent on a proper penetration step. A good penetration step gets your wrestler to the takedown angle quicker, which puts them in better position to finish the takedown. Along with the penetration step, Adams hits on two other vital concepts that will lead to success: Close the gap and condition and timing. The system Adams describes is simple - develop two takedowns with set-ups for each. This gives you four "bread-and-butter" takedowns any wrestler can use!

48 minutes. 2005.

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