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Bottom Position And Leg Attack Counters (DVD)

Bottom Position and Leg Attack Counters (DVD)

Bottom Position and Leg Attack Counters (DVD)

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Russ Hellickson, former Ohio State University Head Coach (2002 NWCA Coach of the Year, 2X Big Ten Coach of the Year)

Ken Ramsey, Embry Riddle University Head Coach; former Ohio State University Assistant Coach (2X All American)

To be effective in wrestling you have to have a sound base. With this in mind, Coach Helickson presents a number of drill situations to get your wrestlers stronger from the bottom position. From here, Helickson goes through a number of drills emphasizing the stand-up, wrist control and hip heist.

As defense is a critical part of the sport, Helickson demonstrates counter drills for high and low leg attacks. These drills focus on blocking, catching and having the opponent bear your wrestlers weight.

By practicing the drills in this video, your wrestlers will be able to react and execute in the pressure of the moment.

Format: DVD - 39 minutes

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