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Aggressive Rides And Pins (DVD)

Aggressive Rides and Pins (DVD)

Aggressive Rides and Pins (DVD)

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John Peterson, 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist; and Ben Peterson, 3 time Olympian, 1972 Gold Medalist & 1976 Silver Medalist and 2 time NCAA Champion at Iowa State

Earning a fall begins with controlling the opponent. In this tape, Olympic champions Ben and John Peterson will demonstrate pins that come from aggressive, punishing rides.

The Petersons concentrate on three types of rides: Near wrist rides, cross body rides, and arm bars. The Petersons will first show you how to use each move as a ride, and then how to apply pressure to wear out the opponent enabling your wrestler to position himself for the fall.

From the near wrist ride, the Petersons will demonstrate half nelsons, arm bars, and tilts to score points. John will show the cross body ride featuring Jacob turns, cross face turns and bar half nelsons. Ben will demonstrate the proper arm bar riding technique and then show in detail pins from both the single and double arm bar.

As a special bonus, Ben will explain four different counters for stopping leg riders.

Format: DVD - 61 minutes

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