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Adidas Reversible Singlet

Adidas Reversible Singlet

$ 56.98

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Keep an eye out at any elite wrestling tournament at any age level and you will see adidas wrestling singlets there on the mat. This adidas reversible singlet is no different. This is perfect for Freestyle and Greco-Roman tournaments when you need to go to the mat in a certain color. If you have red showing and you need a blue singlet just go to the locker room and turn the singlet inside out - and you have a blue singlet. 

It's not just a plain solid singlet - the black side panel makes this singlet stand out a little bit more than your traditional solid colored reversible singlet. Made by adidas wrestling so you know you can trust it. Made with a poly performance lycra so you can rely on this singlet to perform on the mat while you are dominating the competition.

YXS: 30 - 42 lbs. 
YS: 43 - 60 lbs. 
YM: 61 - 80 lbs. 
YL: 81 - 95 lbs. 

XS: 90 - 110 lbs.
S:111 - 131 lbs.
M: 131 - 150 lbs.
L: 151 - 185 lbs.
XL: 186 - 220 lbs.
XXL: 221 - 250 lbs.
XXXL: 251 - 300 lbs.




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