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Jordan Burroughs - ASICS Wrestling


Jordan Burroughs has the potential to go down as one of the USA's top Freestyle wrestler ever. While 2016 did not go as planned for Jordan, he was a World Champion in 2011, 2013, 2015 and the Olympic Champion in 2012. 

We combed through some of Jordan Burroughs gear and picked out some of the top gear he trains in and wins in when he wrestles competitively. Jordan is an ASICS wrestling athlete and has been for quite some time. Of course, it makes sense that he trains in the gear with his name on it. Shop ASICS wrestling gear from this link.

With his personal time, he is a husband and father to two young children. He grew up in New Jersey, graduating high school in 2006, and finishing his college degree from Nebraska in Sociology. Find out more about Jordan here

ASICS Jordan Burroughs Elite V2.0

ASICS Jordan Burroughs V2.0 Wrestling Shoes
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Royal Blue and Gold (not shown)
White Navy Blue Red (not shown)

JB Elite V2 Wrestling Shoes - Red White Blue ASICS Jordan Burroughs V2.0 Wrestling Shoes Released 2015)
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Black Gold (not shown)
Granite Green and Black (not shown)
JB Elite TR Training Shoes ASICS JB Elite TR Training Shoes
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Grey White Green (not shown)
ASICS Team Crew Socks ASICS Team Crew Socks
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ASICS Compression Shorts ASICS Compression Shorts
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