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Discount Program

Discounts for Wrestling Clubs & Teams is a wrestler-owned business, and as such, we are always looking for ways to impact the next generation of wrestlers. Unfortunately, we can’t sponsor every club or team (there are simply too many) nor can we give away free merchandise. We can however offer your entire club or team a 20% discount on their next order of wrestling gear.

How to Claim Discount:

Step 1: Link to from your website (most link to us from their Sponsors page).

Step 2: We’ll email you a 20% off coupon code (normal priced retail items only), valid for 1 month with an unlimited number of uses.

Step 3: You distribute said coupon to the members of your wrestling club or team.

Ready to Claim?

If you’ve linked to from your website, contact us via the form below. We’ll verify the link and will email you the coupon code immediately upon verification!


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