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Wrestling Shoes

Video on How to Size Your Next Pair of Shoes

As with any athletic equipment, Wrestling Shoes are one piece of your wrestling equipment that are not one-size-fits all; some are cheaper, some are lighter weight, and some breathe a little more. But what they all do have in common is that they must serve the athlete on the mat. If we have a bunch of problems with any wrestling gear or think a shoe is not how it should be, we don’t sell it. Plain and simple. Our top three brands are ASICS, adidas, and Nike, so read more to find out which brand is the best fit for you.  With sizing from K10 to Mens 15.0, all you need to get the correct shoe size is just knowing what your current size of your athletic sneakers or gym shoes are.

Our prices are tough to beat. With all our selection selling below the list price or Manufacturer's suggested price, and many coming with free shipping. Free shipping is perfect if you know your shoe size and you have a little bit of time to wait. Our sizing guarantee comes with any order that pays for shipping (and you will generally get your order much faster than our Free Shipping deal). WrestlingGear.Com is the place to shop whether you are a beginner or one of your state's top blue chip wrestlers. You know you can find your wrestling equipment all in one place. 

And of course we carry a huge selection of wrestling headgear and wrestling singlets that are in stock ready to ship. Our custom singlets generally have a 15 piece minimum, but In Stock and Stock singlets can be ordered one at a time. Our headgear selection is one of the largest in the USA. With over 200 headgear in stock, we likely have the perfect color combination you are looking for. 

One question we get asked on the phone often is, where are all your wide Mens wrestling shoes. Unfortunately, no one makes a shoe that is labelled or sold as a "wide," but the ones we have listed at that link do run wider. Our owner wears a wide running shoe or gym shoe so he knows which ones are the best for wide feet. 

Another question we get is how to edit bill to address after you place your order, you can simply login to your account or set up an account with the email address you placed your order with. We don't keep your credit card information on file so there is no need to mange credit cards with your login. Best to give us a call if you change your shipping address so we make sure the change was made in time.  Usually, we can accommodate a size change before an order is shipped. We are open Mon to Fri to answer you questions. Just give us a call at 1-800-565-0995.

Finding the Right Wrestling Shoe

Finding the right shoe for you is important, and it seems that every athlete has a different preference.  Often in fact, you will see seasoned veterans on the mat with some of the cheapest options available.  It's a matter of what fits your foot well, what feels comfortable, and ultimately what you win while wearing to some degree as well. Some wrestlers like a snug fit, most prefer a little room for comfort and growth. We carry the top brands and styles in many different colors and designs so that you have a great selection to pick from, in all of the sizes that you need. So whether you are looking to match your blue singlet or ones in red, yellow, orange, pink, or just about any other color that is made, we'll have them in stock ready to ship to you.

Often you know what brand and size you like, but when just getting started in the sport (or switching to a new shoe) you may have apprehension about choosing the right size.  This is important to us that you do find the correct size the first time, so we spend a lot of time asking for feedback from customers both in our warehouse and those who shop online with us on how to get the perfect fit, the first time. WrestlingGear.Com puts all of the information we get from other wrestlers in the sizing help tab on each and every shoe. And if you still don’t quite like the fit, all of our regularly priced shoes have a sizing guarantee on them. 

Best Mens Wrestling Shoe Brands

ASICS wrestling

Trusted by some of the top wrestlers in the world because they are made to last and provide that extra edge on the mat. Check out our wide selection of 2017-2018 ASICS wrestling shoes to find the right build and design to go with your wrestling style. From Jordan Burroughs' signature shoe to the Cael V7.0 to the Maflex, we have it all. Cael Sanderson and Jordan Burroughs both won Olympic Gold Medals and have had their own ASICS gear for a number of years. The outsoles from ASIS come in a variety of styles so you can decide which type you want.  Now in stock, the newly reissued ASICS International Lyte. ASICS Men and Women's wrestling has recently added gear unique for each athlete. Sadly, the ASICS Aggressor 3 wrestling shoes are about sold out. If you want these shoes, you need to order them now.

Adidas Men Wrestling

Once a minor player, adidas has stepped up its game in the world of wrestling, especially with Olympic Champion Jake Varner’s line from adidas wrestling. If you’re looking for a shoe that’s worn by elite athletes, check out our selection of 2017-2018 adidas men and youth wrestling shoes.  The Adidas Impact wrestling boots are expected to be another hot shoe this year with the new color updates for this season.

And just like ASICS, adidas men and women's wrestling is offering unique gear tailor made for each wrestler. Although both ASICS and adidas wrestling do not offer a female specific shoe at this time. 

Nike Wrestling

You just can’t go wrong with any of the Nike footwear that we offer. Whether you’re just starting your wrestling career or are an elite athlete heading off to college, Nike provides the reliability and sock-like fit a top wrestler looks for on the mat. Browse our top-selling selection of Nike wrestling shoes. The Nike Freek, Nike Inflict and Nike Hypersweeps are the top sellers from Nike Wrestling. 

Youth Footwear

There is no right shoe for all youth wrestlers. The perfect youth wrestling shoes depend on a lot of factors, budget, size, color and of course your wrestler has to like them.  Along with your knee pads and headgear, what you put on your feet is one of the few things a wrestler can wear that reflects his or her personal wrestling style.

One thing to remember is a Mens 4 and a Youth 4 are all the same size shoe. Some suppliers label pairs Mens or Youth from about size 4 to size 6.0. It's all the same size shoe. Toddler or K are for Youth sizes from K10 to K13. Those sizes are really small for those wrestlers that are very young. Shop Men and youth gear all from our site, you can even get your wrestler and coach a matching pair of shoes in many different options. 

Competition vs Practice

The more time you spend on the mat, the faster your shoes are going to break down.  That is why many wrestlers choose to have two pairs - one pair of practice and a pair for competition.  That way wrestlers can keep a pair fresh for their matches, while their practice gear takes the beating doled out by day-to-day wear.  Next year, your competition footwear can become your practice ones and you can buy a new pair only for the competitive matches.