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Nike Freek

Nike Freek

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At long last, the Nike Freek wrestling shoes!! When the Nike Freeks were re-released the first time, they sold out quickly, so if you see a size you want, order it now! Year in and year out, Nike Wrestling shoes are among our top sellers. Certain colors in 2016 were hard to find and even now in 2017 we are sold out in certain sizes already and low in several other sizes. If you want these for early 2017, you should order these sooner than later. 

The Nike Freeks are one of the most popular shoes in Nike wrestling's history. There is a reason before the re-release of these shoes that they were selling at a premium price - they are just that popular of a shoe. Chances are if you have been to a college or elite high school wrestling tournament, you have seen Nike Freeks all over the place. 

Retired Colors For 2017

Three colors are going away for the 2017-2018 season. With Nike when shoes get retired there is not a price drop on them so don't expect to find a deal on them. We suspect the retired shoes will be hard to find in a relative short time frame. The colors that are going away are the Grey/Volt (Green), Crimson, and Black/Red. The Black/Red is a huge surprise because it's a perfect team color for a lot of schools. 

Nike Freek Features:

  • Flexible grooves in the outsole were the predecessor of the Nike Free articulated outsole. 
  • Velcro lace management system to comply with high school and collegiate regulations. 
  • Ventilation is also built into the outsole to help manage temperature and aid in the drying of the shoes after sweaty workouts. 

Nike Freek wrestling shoes are made to support even the most powerful athletes; the upper has substantial use of mesh and is reinforced with leather and synthetics.

Sizing Information:

Remember to add a half size to your most recently purchased gym shoe or sneaker size. So if your gym shoe or sneakers are a size 9.0 order a size 9.5 in the Freeks. Do not use your current wrestling shoe size to order Nike wrestling shoes.Chances are your wrestling shoes have been sweated in and stretched out.


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