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adidas adizero Varner

adidas adizero Varner

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NEW for 2017, we wished they would have name these Vaner 2.0 or something to distinguish them from the previous models of this shoe, but that did not happen.This is the new version for the 2017 - 2018 wrestling season. Be sure to shop our entire selection of adidas wrestling shoes

The new Varners start in a Mens size 4.0 going up to a size 15.0. The Mens size 4.0 is the same size as a Youth size 4.0. 

The adidas adizero Varner Wrestling Shoes - the signature shoe of Jake Varner.  Wear what an elite athlete wears, and get that "broken in" feel from the moment you put them on.  With a lightweight upper and new adizero outsole for excellent grip and speed.

Wrestling Shoe Features:

  • Overlay mix - one piece extremely breathable single layer engineered mesh body
  • Leather outsole - split-suede outsole overlays allow for the right amount of grip
  • EVA wedge - internal, die-cut EVA midsole assists perfect attack stance

Please note these shoes do not have Lace Guards. You may want to purchase a couple rolls of athletic tape for your laces. We carry the tape in an assortment of colors.

Shoe Sizing:

For most adidas shoes, we recommend adding 1/2 size to a current gym/running shoe. Example:  if you are a size 6.0, you would order a size 6.5.  This recommendation works for most customers.  If you find this is not the case, please check out our Buy Wrestling Shoes Worry Free page.

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