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Wrestling Kneepads

Protect your knees from unnecessary injury with quality constructed wrestling knee pads. Our huge inventory of options offers the best wrestling knee pads to suit your style as a wrestler. Whether you prefer gel, dome flex, or bubble styles – we have the right wrestling kneepads for you.

Looking for the perfect wrestling knee pads to complement your style on the mat while keeping your knees protected? We offer wrestling kneepads from all the top brands including ASICS, adidas, Nike, Cliff Keen, Brute, Matman and Under Armour in more than 70 different variations, and in both youth and adult sizes. Make mat burn a thing of the past and score a new pair of kneepads like the ASICS Super Sleeve or the Cliff Keen Impact knee pads, which are among the top-rated knee pads in the industry and can help you get the job done in comfort.

With a selection of wrestling kneepads this vast, we can't blame you if you are overwhelmed and need a little guidance on how to find the best wrestling knee pads for you. How do you buy wrestling knee pads? The first thing to consider is type of wrestling knee pad you want. Currently, there are two major kinds of wrestling knee pads, which are bubble and sleeve types. Bubble knee pads feature a big, donut shaped cushion on the front of the wrestling knee pad. This style tends to be a little cooler than a sleeve type wrestling knee pad. Sleeve knee pads tend to made with lycra, feature a thinner pad, and tend to keep the knee a little warmer. 

Need help selecting the right type of wrestling gear for you? Our expert staff can guide you through the selection process and explain the subtle nuances between the different types of wrestling gear and can answer your questions about any of our products or services. We offer kneepads, wrestling shoes, singlets, headgear, etc. Give our customer service specialists a call at 1-800-565-0995 and we will be happy to help.