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Nike Wrestling Shoes

Nike wrestling footwear are always among our top selling models for not only shoes but of all our gear. College teams, elite wrestlers, and top high school wrestlers rely on Nike. Nike Inflict 3 wrestling shoes which offer breathable mesh and cushioning are typically among our top selling shoes year in and year out. Picking out the correct wrestling shoe for your wrestler is usually where we recommend starting when you are shopping for your wrestling gear for the season. And we love it that you are at WrestlingGear Com, shopping for that gear!

Year after year, veterans and beginners choose Mens Nike wrestling shoes for their reliability, strength and comfort. At WrestlingGear.Com, we are committed to always providing you with the latest selection of the best Nike products available, such as Nike Freek wrestling shoes. Our selection of 2017 - 2018 Nike wrestling shoes is designed for the wrestling enthusiast, meaning we stand behind everything we sell, or we would not sell it. The Nike Freek and Inflict line of shoes are likely once again going to be among our top sellers this year.  Part of that success is you can find those shoes in blue wrestling shoes, red, black, green, grey,  and more. With many different colors combinations on the outsole, midsole laces etc. there is sure to be a color you will like.

We offer a wide range of wrestling shoes including ASICS wrestling shoes and adidas wrestling shoes as well. One quick tip before you start looking at all our wrestling shoes, go grab your most recent pair of running shoes or gym shoes, we will use that to size your next pair of wrestling shoes. Do not use your dress shoe size or even your current wrestling shoe size to figure out what size wrestling shoe you need. Every shoe has a sizing recommendation based on years of experience. Generally, those that follow our sizing recommendations almost never have sizing issues. Be sure to shop our other wrestling wear too, we carry knee pads, headgear, singlets, shirts, shorts and more. 

Depending on what you are looking for, Nike wrestling shoes might work for you. If you are looking for the gum rubber outsole that ASICS and adidas have, you won't find it on Nike wrestling shoes. Breathable mesh is a feature of most wrestling shoes these days. The Nike Inflict 3 have an amazing upper. Cushioning and bounce on all wrestling shoes in general is pretty limited. 

Nike also offers shoes for younger kids in the youth Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes. And we also offer a huge variety of adidas and ASICS youth wrestling shoes too. They come in many different colors as well as a neutral black that is the most popular. 

And of course, most Nike wrestling shoes qualify for Free shipping including the Nike Inflict 3 Shoes and Freeks. And for the few pairs that don't qualify, you can add a pair of socks or a shirt to your order to get Free shipping on your order. And our regular price on all our gear, often beats our competitors sale prices. Don't be fooled by "sales prices" at other competitors. 

While we would love Nike to produce a wrestling headgear, it's not likely something you will see in the near future. I am not sure why they don't plan on launching a headgear in the near future, but it's a question we get asked from time to time that we don't have a great answer for. 

Although, wrestling singlets are another story. We were the first company to order youth wrestling singlets from Nike and continue to offer a wide selection of their singlets. In fact with Nike singlets popping up at all the Nike sponsored college teams, we are seeing customers calling us asking to match this particular singlet or that particular Division I singlet. 

Nike Wrestling Shoes - Hypersweeps

Probably one of the most sought after current year wrestling shoes on the planet. These shoes are hard to find at even the largest of Nike sporting goods stores. The Hypersweep wrestling shoes start at a Men size 5.0. Some wrestling companies say that is a Boys size, but either way it's a wrestling shoe that most pre-teens will fit into. It's not a size 5.0 Toddler shoe. What's unique about this shoe is the outsole and the lacing system. Some wrestlers like these features, others can't stand it. 

If you have watched NCAA or Senior level wrestling, chances are you have seen this shoe on Nike wrestling sponsored schools and athletes. This shoe is one of the top shoes for their top athletes. Wrestlers you see wrestling with a chip on their shoulder, might just be wearing this shoe. 

Be sure if you plan on buying this footwear this year, you will likely need to buy it sooner than later. Every time we get a pair in, they sell quickly. Other comparable shoes from adidas are the adizero Varner and from ASICS Wrestling Shoes the ASICS Omniflex Attack V2.

Nike Wrestling Shoes - Freek

The Nike Freek wrestling shoe was a huge hit. In fact when it was re-released the day of the NCAA Championships, that was our biggest day ever since we started our business. In fact that one day, may have even beaten some entire months during our slower parts of the year. 

We don't know how much longer this shoe is going to be made exactly the way it's being made currently, but at some point we suspect it won't be made. So now is the time to pick up a pair or two of this classic wrestling shoe. In case you forgot, this shoe was going for $400 or more even in a pretty beat up or used condition on eBay. At around $125, that is a bargain. One of the negatives on this shoe is it is only available in men's sizes starting a size 8.0. If you are looking for smaller sizes, that is why you can't find them anywhere.

This shoe is made of the same outsole, midsole, and upper as the original Freek. They were reissued very similarly to what was done in the past and have been updated with different colors for 2017 - 2018. Chances are your wrestler will love wearing these shoes - they are always among our top sellers on our site. The comparable adidas wrestling shoe would be the Impact this year.  

The colors the Freek wrestling shoes are available in include, Navy Blue White, Black and White and White and Black. And we are looking forward to a new color in 2017. 

Nike Wrestling Shoes - Inflict

The Nike Inflict is by far our top selling Nike wrestling shoe of all time. Granted there was a time when the Nike Inflict was really the only high end wrestling shoe Nike made for a few years. It was basically the intro level Nike Speedsweep, the Nike Takedown and the Nike Inflict.

And it's hard to imagine but they only made the Inflicts in three color options too. Grey and Black, Royal Blue and Black and Red and Black. The blue wrestling shoes were among our top sellers because they were such a good team color combination for Folkstyle wrestling and of course went perfect with Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestlers red and blue singlets. 

One point to stress with the Nike Inflicts, they run small. But they also run a little wider than most other shoes too. So if you have a wider (fatter) foot, give the Inflicts a try. They likely will be the only wider sized shoe for 2017. It looks like ASICS wide shoe is being retired and adidas does not offer a wide shoe. With that said, you do need to go up at least a half size and more than likely up a full size off your current running shoe size (gym shoe or sneaker). Don't use your currently sweated in and stretches out wrestling shoe to figure out what size to order these shoes. 

Find the right wrestling shoe for you and shop Wrestling Shoes today at! Free shipping for qualifying orders.