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Here is where we will hand pick some of our best deals. 

Right now while supplies last, spend $100 and get a Free full sized bar of Defense Soap. And if you want free shipping, spend just $75 to qualify. And expedite your order for a small upgrade. 

For the next week it will be our Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals, but check back here often if you are looking for a deal on something. 

We have already seen several items sell out on this list. Prices on clearance shoes dropped even lower and who does not love a 50% off DVD to learn some new wrestling technique? 

Inventory is limited on these deals so pick them up while we still have them. On a consistent basis we get phone calls on our deals on where this particular size or color went, they simply sold out. Most of these deals are limited to what we have in inventory and won't be restocked. 

All these deals are brand new merchandise.