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The Perfect Wrestling Headgear (Earguard)

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

The Perfect Headgear is Important

Just like in other purchases of equipment or clothing outside the sport of wrestling, there are tradeoffs. The perfect headgear for you or or your son or your daughter might not be the perfect headgear for a friend.

Things to consider include cost (most of us are not on an unlimited budget), color, comfort, weight, and fit. 

Cost and color are pretty obvious ones, I won't spend too much time on those. For the most part headgear range from about $20 to $40. Some headgear like the Tornado come in almost a limitless set of color combinations, whiles most come in most top team colors and a select few only come in a handful of colors. 

Comfort, weight and fit are tough to determine online but it can be done. For comfort, in general the more expensive ones tend to be more comfortable. They are made of better materials and tend to be a little lighter as well. The new Cliff Keen Fusion is our most expensive headgear and while I have not put it on a scale, it is definitely one of the lightest if not the lightest headgears we have.

As for fit, some headgear just fits a particular wrestler's head better than others. That is why we find some wrestlers just stay with the same type of headgear and just get the next size up. 

For fit, it's pretty easy, there are youth headgear, adult headgears and one size fits most headgears. Some have sizing measurements but a good rule of thumb if your wrestler is under 100 pounds, most youth sizes should work. You  know your wrestler, if he is a 100 pounds and you consider him or her to have a big head, an adult headgear might make sense. 

In general, we recommend going with a smaller headgear if you are close to making it work. Don't be concerned with it fitting in a year or two. A smaller headgear will fit better, won't move around as much and won't take up as much space on the side of his or her head.

We offer one of the widest selections of wrestling headgear in the world. If not, THEE widest selection of headgear in the world. With over 300 headgear in stock, we stock more colors than even Cliff Keen Stocks

And we don't just stock Cliff Keen, we have adidasMatmanASICS, and Brute too. And we stock just about every color combination of those brands too. See all our headgear.

Our most popular headgear are up towards the top of the headgear page. The top selling style is for sure the Cliff Keen Signature and the other brands which are similar to this style. 

The other top seller in the Cliff Keen Tornado

The newest headgear we have is the Cliff Keen Fusion - it incorporates features from the Twister, Signature and Tornado all into one headgear. People that have seen it in the store and put it on usually buy it. 

And don't forget we have just about every wrestling shoe that is made too. 

Here is the Fusion Headgear from Cliff Keen.