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Nike Hypersweep Wrestling Shoes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Hard to Find Shoes

The Nike Hypersweeps wrestling shoes were definitely the hard to find wrestling shoe for the 2016 - 2017 wrestling season. At this time of the year (early 2017), we are not sure what is going on with the Hypersweeps. I would expect the Black Hypersweeps to be back next year and maybe a new color way? We will see if that prediction is correct or not. 

Unlimited Hypersweeps

The Unlimited Version of the Hypersweeps were made on a limited basis and are just about gone. We do have a few good sizes available left but are about out. Don't wait too long if you want this Unlimited color, unlike it's name the inventory on it is very limited at this point. 

Fit of Hypersweeps

A few points about the shoes, they definitely will take some getting used to. The fit of these shoes is definitely unique and they won't feel like the Nike Inflicts do right out of the box. The Nike Inflicts can almost be taken right out of the box and worn at your most important event and feel just fine. 

Width of Shoes

Another thought about these shoes are they tend to run a little narrow. So if you have to buy wide gym shoes, you may want to stay away from this shoe. Or at the very least give it a chance to break them in. Nike says they will stretch out to fit your foot after a couple of weeks. 

Why Black and White In Some Photos?

And finally, we have gotten phone calls that wrestlers were looking for the one that has more white on the shoe. This is what happens to a black shoe when it is hit with a flash. So we took a photo without flash (the mostly black shoe) and a photo with flash (version with more white). A majority of the photos below we took with a flash to show what happens if you take a photo with a flash hitting the shoe. It's a really unique feature with this shoe. 

Based on what I have seen from the Nike wrestling schools, this shoe seems to be the shoe of choice for the elite college wrestlers this year. 

Video and Photos

Below we have a brief video so you can see this shoe up close and personal along with some shots of the shoes. Normally, we would use a size 9.0 shoe, but we did not have that on the shelf. So, 12.5 it is! Be sure to check out all our Nike wrestling shoes.