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Nike Freek Wrestling Shoes - White and Black

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

We grabbed our camera and some nice sunlight and took a few snap shots of the Nike Freek wrestling shoes. These shots are the ones in White and Black, but they also come in a variety of team colors as well including: Black/White, Navy Blue/White, Crimson Black, Grey/Black/Volt, and Red/Black. 

At $125 these might seem like an expensive pair of wrestling shoes and there are to some extent, but when you consider these shoes sold for $400 on ebay just a few weeks before they were re-released, a $125 does not seem that expensive. The Nike Freek wrestling shoes were one of the most sought after wrestling shoes on the planet. Hence, the $400 price tag on a used pair of wrestling shoes.

Just look at any top collegiate or high school wrestling tournament in the United States and you will see these shoes all over the place. You would even see these pretty regularly before they were re-released. That many people were willing to pay the steep price to wear this shoe. 

Now that it's later in 2016, a $125 price tag does not even seem that high of a price tag any longer. With several shoe models in a bunch of different colors now exceeding $150 price tag even a couple shoes just under $200. And based on what we think is going to happen next year, you likely will see less price points available. We think some of the shoes in the $75 to $80 price point will disappear and several in the $90 to $100 likely will be gone next year. 

So be sure if a pair of shoes has been around for a couple years and you like the color combination or that version of the shoe, that you buy it from us! It is pretty rare that a wrestling shoe stays in the market for more than a couple years. It is almost always replaced with a new color or a complete version update (like say going from a V2.0 to V3.0 of a shoe). 

Here are a few snap shots we took of the Nike Freek...

Nike Freek Wrestling Shoes Side Image

Nike Freek Wrestling Shoes White Black Front Image

White Black Nike Freek Wrestling Shoes Toe View