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New Adidas Impact Wrestling Shoes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Wow for 2017 they are offering more colors of the adidas Impact wrestling shoes. One color combination is going away for 2017, so if you want the Solar Yellow Silver Black Impact wrestling shoes, better order it sooner than later. Chances are if you are reading this late in 2017, we are about sold out in the shoe. I will admit that one sort of surprised me that it was not brought back. That was one of the better selling colors on our site and one that was asked for when customers came into our warehouse.

Time frame - the new colors will be available approximately June 2017. Look for ordering options as we are able to pre-sell the shoes. 

Impact New Colors for 2017

There are three new colors of the Impact wrestling shoes. We will shoe them below. Basically a Grey, Blue, and Red Camo option is what is new for 2017. The MSRP is going to be about the same price as last year so no major price increases. 

Adidas Impact Wrestling Shoe Features

Couple features to highlight I think that are unique to this shoe - the upper is one piece so no seams. Which means more comfortable. Another feature of the upper is it tends to be a little slick - which means it will be more difficult for your opponent to hold onto your foot. And finally, the sole of the shoe is similar to adidas high end Tech Fall wrestling shoes from 2016 without the $200 price tag. 

The upper is made of synthetic leather to allow more breathability and like mentioned above is slick so it is more difficult for your opponent to hold on to the shoe. The heal is made with a breathable mesh and the outsole or bottom of the shoe is designed for gripping the mat. Some adidas shoes don't have a lace guard mechanism, this one does. There is a pouch in the tongue of the shoes to allow you to tuck the laces so you don't need to tape your shoe laces with the Impacts. 

Of course all our adidas wrestling shoes are up ready to order on our site as well. 

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Photos of New Colors for 2017

Grey Camo Print Adidas Impact Wrestling ShoesTurqouise Camo Print Adidas Impact Wrestling Shoes

Red Camo Print Adidas Impact Wrestling Shoes