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Mike Krause and Mark McKnight Wrestling Technique Videos

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

We only have one video from Mark Krause appearance at our Smile Train fundraiser clinic. We must have some lost video clips out there because I know he showed more technique at the clinic than this one clip. He was definitely high energy. I think it caught some of the wrestling coaches by surprise. If my memory is not failing me, this is one of, if not Coach Krause's first wrestling clinics he put on while working with Cliff Keen wrestling. The rest is history now...he is all over youtube with wrestling technique now and conducts clinics and camps through out the country.

Mark McKnight's technique clips we videoed while sponsoring the Northwestern wrestling clinics. This particular one was hosted at Conant High School in Hoffman Estates, IL. Mark I believe at the time was helping coach some of the Wildcat Wrestling club team members and some of Northwestern's lower weights too. 

Let us know what you think of the clips, most of the clips have been watches thousands of times on youtube, so they have been pretty popular! Should we do more of these clips?

Mike Krause Bear Crawl Crab Crawl Drill

 Mark McKnight - Single Leg Takedown


Mark McKnight - Single Leg Takedown Finish

Mark McKnight - Rotate Double Leg Takedown

Mark McKnight - Funk Defense