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Israel Martinez Wrestling Technique Page

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Israel Martinez is one of the top coaches in Illinois wrestling and looked to for his wrestling expertise in the MMA world as well. Top fighters consider him their wrestling coach. These videos were taken at the Pape Foundation, NFP Wrestling Clinic that WrestlingGear.Com helped promote and sponsor.

Israel was nice enough to donate his time to help us raise money for kids that were born with cleft lips Internationally. My first son, Jackson, was born with a cleft lip so it's something that is near and dear to my heart.

These are some early Israel Martinez technique clips from 2008, just as he was starting to build the "Izzy Style" brand that is now well known among both the wrestling and MMA circles. 

Israel is the head coach of Montini high school wrestling program as well as his own kids clubs too - Izzy Style Wrestling

Techniques discussed here include the Overhook, Russian Defense, Russian to a Single, and two single leg finished.