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How to Buy Nike Wrestling Shoes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Nike wrestling shoes have been a hot seller at WrestlingGear.Com for a number of years. Prior to a few years ago, we were one of the very few places you could find Nike wrestling shoes in stock and ready to ship to you. 

Even today, Nike wrestling is still not easy to find and we are still one of it's biggest sellers of wrestling shoes in the United States. It is hard to imagine there was a year where Nike did not make the Inflict wrestling shoe and then brought it back the subsequent year. 

And about that time, they announced they would not be making wrestling shoes any longer. Luckily for wrestlers world wide, Nike is still making wrestling shoes in their most popular styles. The Nike Inflict and Nike Freek wrestling shoes are among the top sellers in the United States for their price points. 

The month the Nike Freek was released in the Spring again caused an insane amount of buzz within the wrestling gear market. Shoes that have been selling for upwards of $400 for a used pair, could now be bought for around $125 brand new. Needless to say a $275 discount for a brand new pair of shoes was a huge hit. The Freeks sold out quickly in top sizes and were not available until the fall wrestling season.

2015 saw the Nike Inflict wrestling shoes released in a ton of new colors. And once again they were the hot shoes to have last season. Many of the colors were sold out and gone prior to even the start of the wrestling season. The University Blue Grey Inflicts were one of those hot colors.

2016 saw Nike come up with some sweet new color ways of the Inflict and Freek and hopefully the Hypersweep. We still expect to get the Nike Hypersweep in stock in the Unlimited color way. And hope to have the Hypersweeps in Black in our store shortly. Be sure to visit our Nike wrestling shoes page to see what we have in inventory.

Sizing and Width of Shoes

Nike wrestling shoes fit a little different even between model of shoes. We generally recommend adding a full size to your wrestler's normal gym shoe size. So if your wrestler is a Men's size 8.0 gym shoe, you should be looking at purchasing a size 9.0 in Inflicts. This usually works for Nike Takedown's as well. Just be sure to use your most recently purchased gym shoe. Do not use your current wrestling shoe that has been sweated in and stretched out.

One other fact about the Inflict is it usually does pretty well with wrestlers that have wider feet. So if you run into width problems with your gym shoes and in particular your wrestling shoes, give the Inflicts a try. Many people are shocked to find this out because Nike gym shoes tend to run a little narrow. We believe this is one of the reasons the Inflicts are such a hot selling shoe. Also, they fit well right out of the box. Very little needs to be done to break them in.

As for the Nike Freeks, generally you need to add at least a 1/2 size to your wrestlers normal gym shoe or sneaker size. And if your wrestler is growing or in between sizes, many times adding a full size to their gym shoe size works.

We usually like to see about a thumbs width in the toe area to allow for comfort and growth through out the year. Don't buy your shoes so they are so tight that you have almost no room in the front, chances are your shoes will blow out during the season if you start with them too tight and you grow!