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How to Buy ASICS Wrestling Shoes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

ASICS wrestling shoes are among what we call the top 3 for shoes. They may not be a household name for your family unless you are a runner or a volleyball player. Now that you are looking to buy a pair of wrestling shoes you can trust ASICS is a top brand for everything wrestling. They sell a variety of knee pads, headgear, singlets, and clothing. ASICS has a new headgear this year called the SnapDown Wrestling Headgear which is extremely easy to adjust and can be found on our website. 

Brief ASICS Wrestling Shoes History

The story of it's name is interesting. The founder was once told, "If you pray to God, you should pray for a Sound Mind in a Sound body. That meeting lead to the name of ASICS which stands for "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano." ASICS issues a variety of shoes before its first wrestling shoe in 1958 including tennis, climbing boots, golf shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes and others. The first wrestling shoe was released in 1958 - and even with it's first released shoe in 1958, ASICS already had the prototype of its record setting wrestling shoe developed. Top wrestling shoes for ASICS have been the "81", the Dan Gable's and more recently the Rulon's. 

Top Wrestling Shoes

Because of its low price point, the MatFlex shoe we suspect will be the top seller as far as units sold for ASICS. Another top seller will likely be the updated Aggressor 3 wrestling shoes. The Snapdown, JB Elite V2.0, Cael V7.0, Dan Gable Ultimate 4, Cael Retro, and Omniflex Attack V2.0 all will be out this year. See the entire line of ASICS Wrestling Shoes here. 

What's Next?

Once you have an idea of the ASICS shoes you want, you probably want to see if it meets your budget or your family's budget. Shoes range from about $60 to $150 so you should be able to find something that meets your target budget. 


Talk to most people and they will say ASICS runs about a normal width. We have talked to a few people that have said ASICS fits their wide feet best. As with any brand if the shoe has a zipper or a flap that covers all the laces - stay away from that pair of shoes if you have a wide foot. Any kids that have to buy special gym shoes in wide, E.g. say a 2E or a 4E width should, again, try to find shoes without a zipper or flap. Many of our customers say they have wide feet, but unless you have to buy special gym shoes, you can usually get away with most of our shoes (in any brand).  ASICS does offer a wide wrestling shoe in a 2E, the Snapdown Wide wrestling shoes. 

 Features and Colors 

ASICS Aggressor 3 Wrestling shoesAll current year ASICS shoes have a lace guard system of some sort. This means if you use it, you will not have to tape your laces in competition. The lace guard mechanism is the top feature most wrestlers and parents look for. This saves you the trouble of looking for tape right before your wrestling match. 

Your coach will likely appreciate that your shoes have the lace guard mechanism too! There are a few shoes we offer from other brands that don't have a lace guard mechanism based on the requests of the wrestlers that helped design the shoes. 

Other features like material of the sole, split sole vs unisole, wraps around the top or heel, material  of the upper are largely a personal preference. Many of our customers buy the same shoe year in and year out. They started years ago with one shoe and just keep buying the new color or the complete update of that particular model. 

Youth Vs Adult Shoes

Many of ASICS shoes in the past started at a size 6 for their Elite shoes. This year they will start with a size 4.0. So the Aggressor 3 (Navy Blue Red White Shown above) and the JB Elite V2 wrestling shoes start at a size 4.0. The JB Elite V2 Youth Wrestling shoes are made in smaller sizes just like previous years also. They will start at a size 13.0 Toddler. ASICS smallest shoe will be a 10 Toddler in the MatFlex wrestling shoes. 

adidas wrestling makes a size 10.0 Toddler also. No one makes a size 8 or 9 Toddler shoe. So if you are looking for a size smaller than 10 Toddler, you can stop looking - it's not made!