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How to Buy Adidas Wrestling Shoes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

When you start to look for appear of shoes, most people have it narrowed down to a couple pair of shoes. And other times, they have it narrowed down to a particular brand. So if you have it narrowed down to adidas wrestling shoes, you have found the right place to find your next pair of wrestling shoes.

Brief History

ASICS, Nike and adidas are the top 3 brands for wrestling shoes. adidas wrestling shoes depending on the year compete for that top spot among the three top brands. Our owner, Jeff Pape, wrestled in the early 80’s to early 90’s and does not remember adidas wrestling shoes until the late 80’s. Before that, he remembers, ASICS, Converse and Nike wrestling shoes. The earliest adidas wrestling shoes he remembers had to have been a first generation Combat Speed Wrestling Shoe. He remembers that shoe costing around a $150 a pair in the mid 90’s. Very few wrestlers wore adidas in the late 80’s and those that did usually had a special color way of the Combat Speed. A very similar shoe to the original Combat Speed - the Combat Speed IV sells for around $70 today. This is a shoe even today is still worn by many of the top wrestlers in the World.

adidas wrestling today now offers a wide range of shoes in both youth and adult sizes ranging in price from $50 to $200. adidas more so than ASICS or Nike offer custom singlets only limited by your imagination. Both ASICS and Nike have gotten more serious about singlets in recent years. adidas does offer a variety of headgear, knee pads, clothing and more. Be sure to check out all the adidas gear we have in stock.

Top Wrestling Shoes

When the Combat Speed IV wrestling shoes were re-introduced a few years ago - they were the hot shoe among just about every brand and even every price point too. Many elite wrestlers were happy to get their hands on a Combat Speed IV and their parents were happy to be buying a much cheaper shoe too. People that previously spend $100 or more on a pair of shoes, traded down in price to that $70 price point. The Combat Speeds now come in a bunch of colors and are now what we consider our best “cheap” shoe. The Combat Speeds also come in youth sizes.

The Varners and Mat Wizards have been popular in years past and the Pretereo and the Impact shoes are likely going to be a top seller this year. The Impacts are going to be a about $135. The Tech Fall and Tech Fall Rio color way will be only popular with hard core wrestling fans willing to spend almost $200 for a pair of shoes.

What’s Next

adidas wrestling shoes tend to run a little wider than ASICS shoes, but not as wide as say the Nike Inflicts. In the store we find Inflicts fit kids looking for a little wider shoe. If your wrestlers has a wide foot, as with any brand, stay away from anything with a zipper or a similar feature.

One question we ask for the customers that come into our store is what is your budget. The reason is to get an idea of what price range you want to be at. It makes no sense to look at a $200 shoe, if your budget is less. Generally, $50 to $60 will get you and entry level or starter level shoe. $90 to $100 will get you an intermediate level shoe. And $130 to $145, will get you an elite shoe. And new this year we had to create a new category - Super Elite at $150 and above. adidas has two in this category - Tech Fall Rios and Tech Fall.

Lace Guards

One thing that is unique about adidas is some shoes do not have lace guards. So be sure to bring some athletic tape with you to any matches or tournaments. Usually not a big deal at practice, unless your shoes constantly come untied so you can take a break to tie them!


In years past we almost always recommended adding a half size to your wrestlers normal gym shoe size (not their current wrestling shoe size but their gym shoe size). However, with many of the recently released shoes we are suggesting you order your normal gym shoe size if your gym shoes have been purchased recently. Using this recommendation will usually leave you a thumbs width in the toe or less. We don’t recommend you buying your shoes too big nor too small. One thing you run the risk of is blowing out your wrestling shoes if you guy them too tight initially.

Anyone that comes in the store we usually like to see about a thumbs width or so in the to. This allows for some comfort and growth. If your wrestler is done growing, you can size them a little bit easier, because you don’t have to try to guess what size he or she will be in the future. Generally, we don’t recommend to much room in the toe, because your wrestler might not hit that growth spurt like you expected.

Youth and Adult Shoes

adidas wrestling started the trend of offering elite wrestling shoes starting at a size 4. ASICS is offering several of their shoes down to a size 4 this year. All of adidas high end shoes will start at a size 4.0.

And consistent with the last couple years the Combat Speed IV wrestling shoes will be made in select colors again. They will start at a size 1.5

For those looking for a more affordable shoe, the newly updated HVC is a shoe you should take a look at. The HVC come in two colors, Red White and Blue and Black and White. The size range on these shoes will be 10 K (Toddler) up to a size 15 Men’s shoe. The Men’s shoe will be about 10% more than the youth shoe price. See our wide selection of adidas wrestling shoes.