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Find the Perfect Wrestling Shoes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

WrestlingGear.Com is a unique position in that we have wrestlers, coaches, parents, mma fighters and others come into our store looking for wrestling shoes. We are able to get a bunch of information from what our customers are looking for. 

Almost always customers come in our store with something in mind. They have seen a cool pair of shoes somewhere on the web or in person at a practice or tournament. 

There are several things to figure out when buying a pair of shoes. First since most of the time it's not the wrestler buying the pair of shoes, the parent's need to set the budget. A starting range for adult sized entry level wrestling shoes is $60 to $75. If you are looking for a little more Elite wrestling shoes, your budget will need to start around $100. And now in 2016, the Super Elite wrestling shoes are starting at $150 and above. Youth wrestling shoes typically range from $50 to $100. 

 After you have an idea of what you are looking to spend, it's time to figure out your approximate shoe size. We recommend adding a full size to most gym shoe sizes if you are looking at Nike wrestling shoes. Generally, for ASICS and adidas wrestling shoes a half size should be added to your most recently purchased gym shoe (or sneaker). So say your gym shoe or sneaker is a size 8.0, for Nike you would likely be around a 9 and ASICS and adidas an 8.5. Keep in mind every one of our wrestling shoes have some sizing info to help you fine tune the shoe size you need. We offer a wide range of youth wrestling shoes and just about every adult wrestling shoe that is made. 

Once you have your budget, size, and likely brand you are looking for - next up is the color of the shoes. For the most part, that is the last decision that needs to be made. Most wrestling shoes are bought based on how cool the colors are or if they match your club or school's colors.  

Just about every shoe we sell will work for your beginner wrestler all the way up to your most elite wrestler. There is a trend where wrestlers are not scared of say a pair of $70 Combat Speed IV wrestling shoes. We saw this trend a few years ago when they first came out. An expensive shoe will not make your wrestler a better wrestler, but an expensive wrestling shoe does tend to motivate, excite, and give wrestlers a lift when they know they have an amazing shoe on their feet. And of course, more expensive shoes tend to be  made of better, lighter materials, that do perform better on the mat. Take a look at some of the top tournaments at the state level, national level, or world level, you will see a wide variety of shoes on the top wrestlers. Top wrestlers wear shoes that make them feel good. They are not concerned about the cost of their shoes.