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Defense Soap to Help Fight Funk

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Prevention is Key

Fortunately when I wrestled in junior high and high school, I never had ringworm. I can't say that about college, but some of the things we did even back then will go a long way to help combating the funk. 

First, make sure you take a shower as soon as you can after wrestling. That goes for practice or competition. We would even shower sometimes between matches at a long tournament and almost always showered at away matches before heading home on the bus. Many tournaments have long breaks where you can leave the tournament location to grab a bite to eat. Take a shower in between those long breaks. 

Keep your gear clean. This is our second tip. Make sure you air out your gear. Don't keep it in your dark, damp locker. While we certainly were proud of our smelly wrestling gear (at least where I wrestled), if there is a bad smell it's a sign something is growing in or on it. And we all know, once it's gets that smell it's very difficult to get rid of the smell.

Our third tip is about some of the products we sell. Take a look at our Defense Soap we have in stock in large quantities. One reason our bar soap is so popular is no one is going to ask to use your bar of soap. The same can't be said of the shower gel. Both products are made with similar materials so it's really just your preference. One benefit of the soap and shower gel is it's made with natural products and another is it tends to not dry out the skin like other soaps can.

Another couple products we sell are the barrier foam and the wipes. The barrier foam provides a layer of protection between you and the funk. Also, it moisturizes the skin and dries quickly - so you can use it before practice or a match. The wipes are perfect for those long tournaments or quads where you can't shower in between matches. Just use a wipe after every match. Wipes are not really needed after practice because you are showering hopefully pretty close to the end of your practice. Shop our Hygiene Products.

 A few more tips in case you wind up with something, go to a Dermatologist instead of just your regular doctor. A Dermatologist works with their patients skin all day long and knows how to test and treat skin issues. And listen to what they have to say as far as returning to wrestling. Take the break they recommend and train other ways, don't put your teammates at risk. No way does your coach want this to go through your entire team.