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adizero Varner Wrestling Shoes for 2017

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

It did not take too long for adidas to announce their 2017 shoe line up. To me it seems like it's been an arms race lately to build the best wrestling shoes between adidas, Nike and ASICS. 2017 will prove to be another important year to win the race (so to speak).

The MSRP on these adidas wrestling shoes is going to be $145 and looks like this will be their most expensive shoe. It does not look like the Tech Fall wrestling shoes will be made next year so you best buy a pair now if you want it!

Here are some features from the catalog:

  • One piece of engineered mesh for the upper. Expect that to mean no uncomfortable seems (will confirm when we see the shoes)
  • High tech outsole for improved grip and feel of the shoe. Shoe will fit like you are wearing a sock.
  • EVA wedge to assist in perfect attack stance. 
  • Shoes should feel broken in right out of the box (this is huge to make sure you like the feel of the shoe!
  • Jake Varner's signature on the tongue of the shoe. 

Below are four of the new shoes for 2017. We have not seen the shoe just yet but are excited to see the entire line up for adidas. Hopefully, we will get a sample to do some videos of this year's line up because there seem to be quite a few new shoes for 2017. Be sure to look for all the adidas wrestling shoes here. 

Stay tuned we will be creating similar blogs for all of adidas' new wrestling shoes. There are three new colors of the Impact wrestling shoes and three new colors of the Mat Wizard wrestling shoes, two new youth Mat Wizard wrestling shoes, three all new Combat Speed 5 wrestling shoes, a new HVC and a new HVC youth shoe. Lots of new shoes from adidas for 2017, don't miss out. We will have these up for pre-orders with most shoes being available around June 2017.


 adidas Varner wrestling shoes aqua yellow blue


adizero Varner adidas wrestling shoes grey royal white


adizero Varner adidas wrestling shoes Red Silver Red

adizero Varner adidas wrestling shoes black white black