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2016 - 2017 Top Selling Adidas Wrestling Shoes - Tech Fall and Varner adiZero

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Every year we announce what our top selling wrestling shoes are from our top wrestling brands. This year saw several wrestling shoe companies not offer shoes like in the past. So only the big 3 remain at this time. The major brands are Nike, adidas, and ASICS. We will talk about the top selling shoes from adidas wrestling in this blog post. 

adidas Tech Fall Wrestling Shoes - White & Black

If I was a shoe manufacturer, I think I would always make my top priced wrestling shoe white and black. I am not sure if that is the color option the other brands are scared of or if adidas just kicks but with this color combination. White and Black always seem to sell well for adidas. This goes back to the very popular and holy grail of old wrestling shoes - the white/black Kendall Cross adistars as well as the white black adistars from the 2004 or 2008 Olympics. I can't remember which Olympics they had that shoe. But it was hugely popular. 

With a price point around $200, the Tech Fall was not for the budget conscious. We sold some of these pairs in our warehouse showroom and needless to say there was some wheeling and dealing to get the approval on these expensive shoes between the wrestlers and their parents. Wrestlers definitely had to pitch in a little money or chores to get the approval on these shoes. And even with this high price point, it did not scare away everyone. It was our top selling wrestling shoe from adidas. 

adidas Varner adiZero Wrestling Shoes

With the name of a 2012 Olympic Gold medalist on the shoe, you knew it was going to be a high quality shoe. What was surprising though is both of the colors that were hot this year were color combinations that were out previously. So again, what this tells me is make neutral color combinations. The crazy and flashy lime green Varners were maybe a little too flashy for most wrestlers. Which to me is contrary to what we saw with the Emerald Green Pink Combat Speed shoes of years past. Those shoes when they were released on a limited basis many years ago sold very quickly. When the Emerald Green Pink shoes were released just a few years ago, they sold quickly to the most serious shoe collector but then sales quickly slowed to a crawl. 

The two top selling color combinations of the Varner adizero wrestling shoes were the Grey Varners and the Black and White Varners. If you want any of these three shoes, you better act quickly. All three of these shoes will be retired for the 2017-2018 wrestling season. And don't expect a huge price drop on these shoes either, they were popular enough and available for sale for a long enough time that I don't expect there to be a bunch of inventory out there in these wrestling shoes. 

The Tech Fall high end shoe will not be replaced this year for adidas. The Varner shoe will get an upgrade and an upgraded price too. The 2017-2018 Varner will be adidas' most expensive wrestling shoe this year. MSRP on the new Varner's will be around $150. You can check out all our wrestling shoes at this link.