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Adidas Wrestling Shoes Expected Sooner in 2016

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

We are expecting our adidas wrestling shoes originally scheduled for late June in a little sooner than expected. We are now looking at mid June for some of the new adidas shoes which includes the Black and white Tech Falls, Pretereo III and the Combat Speed wrestling shoes. This may be up to two weeks sooner than anticipated.

Competition for the Tech Fall Wrestling Shoes 

The Tech Fall line is a line of shoes I almost call the "Ultra" Elite line of shoes. These are the super high end shoe breaking the $150 price point and blowing past even that number. The Tech Fall wrestling shoes line is likely going to be around the $180 to $200 price point. Expect Nike and ASICS to have a $150 shoe too. No one likely wants to miss have a shoe at this high of a price point. We don't expect to sell a ton of these shoes but we have ordered some to sell to our customers. WrestlingGear.Com prides itself in offering a wide range of wrestling shoes and we will once again offer the entire range of shoes - from the entry level price point starting around $50 up to this line of shoes around $200. 

Competition for the Pretereo III Wrestling Shoes

This one we are really excited about to see how it is received in the market place. We are thinking the Pretereo III wrestling shoes are going to be popular shoe this year. Could this shoe be the Nike Inflict killer? Not sure if that will be the case, but it will come in a little cheaper than the Inflict and is available in the same colors the Inflict was available for the longest time - Black, Red, and Royal Blue. Although to be fair those are usually the most common colors shoes are available for wrestling. That being because Red and Blue previously were required for Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling. It will be interesting to see if the major brands stop stocking the common red,blue, black color ways based on the changes made in Freestyle and Greco. Or are Red and Blue such a good team color that they will remain a staple in the major brands line. 

Competition for the Combat Speed IV Wrestling Shoes

At around $70 for a pair of shoes, this has been a great shoe for those wrestlers looking for a little more shoe than the entry level shoe. The Combat Speeds have been around since the mid 80's (from what I can remember) - even in the mid 90's these shoes were around $150. Hard to believe 20 years later the price actually went down and is now considered an entry level elite shoe. When people come into the store, I tell them this is one of our best "cheap" shoes. You will see this on top Sr. Level wrestlers at top Freestyle and Greco Roman tournaments through out the world. Combat Speeds will compete with Nike Speedsweeps on the low end and Nike Takedowns a little bit more than the Speeds IV. With ASICS, the Mat Flex and the JB Elite wrestling shoes will compete with the CSIV's. 

Another thing that makes the Combat Speeds wrestling shoes special is the wide range of colors they come in. They added a couple of great team colors this year and once again will offer some shoes that come in youth sizes too. 

Competition for the Impact Wrestling Shoes

The Impact wrestling shoes are expected in September and at this time we don't expect them in any sooner. Expect those to compete with the Freek Wrestling shoes and the ASICS Aggressor III wrestling shoes. The Nike Freeks will be around $125 again - available in all the same colors later in 2016 (at least what we know now). The Aggressor III's will be out in early July and we expect this Aggressor III line to keep the tradition of this line intact. This ASICS line is usually the top selling line on our website year in and year out.