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Think Big - You Can Achieve More Than You Think You Can...

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Think Big!

You Can Achieve more than you think you can...if you set goals, write them down and work towards achieving them...

Looking back on my wrestling career I was able to achieve things mostly through hard work and putting the time in working in the weight room, running, and looking to wrestle against the best practice partners I could find. 

I compare it to the success I have had running small businesses too. No one really sees me up at 4:00 am working on the business or staying up late when the kids are in bed thinking about the next day's meetings. Or all the years I did not take out a salary, they just see some of the successes of being self employed for the most part of my career and some think it came easy.

Thinking big and working hard to achieve those goals will help you off the mat too.

You are able to do a lot, even if you are a 20-20-2 wrestler like I was my Junior year in high school. I had been wrestling about 8 years at that point and had some success on the mat but no where near what I wanted to at that point. It was not until my coach sort of skipped over me when he was identifying a nice solid line up returning next year that I came home and wrote down some goals.

This is where I want you to think big. For me, even becoming a State Qualifier was thinking pretty big, but looking back I wish I would have thought a little bigger. I achieved the goal of being a state qualifier and came about as close to being an All State wrestler as you can without being one. 

Looking back, I wish I would have thought a little bigger and achieved more on the mat. It's something I have brought into my professional career and have always thought big and how to improve something and make it better. 

Thinking big is more of a lifestyle choice and becoming a better wrestler is definitely a lifestyle choice. 

WrestlingGear.Com and I challenge you to "Think Big" this off season and work hard towards achieving your goals. But also advise if you do achieve them and even if you don't look back on the journey and enjoy the ride!

Make it a fun ride...