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WrestlingGear.Com Newsletter 11/06/09 Cool Wrestling Tshirts

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Many Hard To Find Products We Still Have
Keep in mind if you are looking for White Adistars wrestling shoes - we have them. If you are looking for custom color combinations of the adistrike head gears - we have several that our competition will not have. Looking for a pair of Rulons? Better take care of that order quickly.
Looking for a cool headgear - we have about 200 to choose from in stock.
Looking to stop that funk? Check out our skin care section (defense soap just added today).
Start shopping at
Do Your Shoes Fit?
Don't start the year off with a mistake. In about a week, just about all wrestling programs will have started through out the country. It's hard to believe that September and October are over and we are into November tomorrow. Halloween and New Year's are the two book ends of our busy season.
As we have mentioned on our blog posts and emails in the past, this year likely will see more shoes sell out than in the past. Not because there are more wrestlers but because many of our vendors are holding inventory really tight.
Many shoes are already sold out for the season and many are temporarily on back order for a few weeks or even into December already.
Cool T-shirts to Go With Your New Gear

We have plenty of t-shirts to choose from (there are way more than the few we put in this email). Support your favorite college team too with our selection of exclusive designs from J-America. - Cool Wrestling T-shirts - NCAA Wrestling T-shirts - Performance - Shirts



If Wrestling Was Easy - Black T-Shirt 031N

100% Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirt. $16.98

Chicks Dig Mat Burns - Grey T-Shirt 076

100% Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirt. $16.98

Match is Over - Black T-Shirt 067

100% Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirt. $16.98

I'd Rather Wrestle - Grey T-Shirt 075

100% Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirt. $16.98

Wrestling Advisory - Red T-Shirt 073

100% Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirt. $16.98

Wrestling Dot Print T-Shirt Navy 072

100% Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirt. $16.98

I'm The Reason You Play Basketball - Black T-Shirt 074

100% Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirt. $16.98

Got Ears - Black T-Shirt 060

100% Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirt. $16.98

Pin Head - Navy T-Shirt 065

100% Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirt. $16.98

Pumpkin Carving at The Pape House
This time of year, the Pape House is always thinking about wrestling gear. I am surprised this is the first time we did this for Halloween. We combined our love and passion for wrestling and pumpkin carving. This was our first wrestling related effort and each year look for us to improve. Feel free to submit your pumpkin carving photos on our Facebook page.
It might just earn you a free new Nike WrestlingGear.Com t-shirt. We will give away 25 Nike t-shirts to the first 25 that do! Just post a photo and send us a message via facebook with your address and size.
By submitting your photos you are allowing us to display them on our wrestling sites. We will not sell your photos of your pumpkins.


New Blog Postings

Just wanted to make sure you saw our blog postings we have been doing the last week. Every few days, we will post one of our past articles on how to improve your performance on the mat. Be sure to check out regularly.

Already there are blog postings on how to improve the operations of your wrestling tournament, basic principles on improving sports performance, and building your tournament mind set.


And of course, if you like these blogs and our Facebook fan pages etc etc. Remember to keep us in mind when you are looking for wrestling gear.

And finally, based on some feedback from our customers, we tried to make our check out process even easier. Let us know if there is something that is good or bad about our check out process.



WrestlingShoes.Com Blog Launched


We re-launched get close up and personal photos of several shoes we have already put up there. Look for a different shoe to be added every few days.