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Wrestling Tip For New Parents

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

When a new parent comes into our store they have the benefit of talking to our staff. If you wind up talking to me, I have over 25 years in the sport either as a coach, wrestler or fan. When I wrestled I always had a hand me down head gear so you don't need to buy a new head gear right away.

But now a days, I can tell you if you spend a little more on a head gear you get more comfort. And with more comfort and generally the ability to hear your coaches better (both in practice and in a match), you will find your son or daughter will wear their head gear more often. If you take a look at my ears, you would not know that I wrestled. I am happy now as an adult that I did wear my headgear as a young wrestler.

Another thing to consider is your wrestler will not grow out of an adult head gear and will take a few years normally to grow out of a youth one. So if you are going to spend money on gear in only one place, spend the extra $15 to upgrade your first choice of the cheapest headgear into one of the best headgear's out there.

Now if your wrestler likes a cheaper one or you just can't swing a more expensive one, all of them available at our website are great and will do the trick. Just like shoes, often times wrestlers buy a headgear based on how cool it looks or that no one else has that particular headgear.

Now that you know, start shopping for your wrestling headgear.