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6 More Great Gift Ideas for Wrestlers and Wrestling Coaches

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

6 Great Gift Ideas

Asics Crew Socks

ASICS Team Crew Socks

Available In: Black and White $5.98/Pair

At this price you can afford to give a few pair. As long as you know about what your wrestlers' shoe size is you should be able to get the right size. This is a great gift (even though it's socks).

Clinch Gear MMA Shorts

Clinch Gear Classic Black Performance Board Shorts


Size: Waist 28-40

Price: $47.98

MMA enough said. This is the craze now. Choose from several of our board/fight shorts for your wrestler. Be the cool Aunt or Uncle and get your wrestler what he or she wants!

Asics Skull Cap

Asics Skull Cap

Can be worn on its own or underneath athletic headgear.


Another great gift for under $20. Asics is a brand name for wrestling and the wrestler in your life loves Asics for sure. Okay maybe not for sure best to ask but chances are they love Asics!

Cliff Keen Compression Shirt

Cliff Keen Compression Gear Short Sleeve Shirt

Cliff Keen Compression Gear® Short Sleeve Top. $27.98

Under $30 and it's a cool gift. Cliff Keen is a huge brand name in wrestling. Especially in clothing and accessories. Rest assured your wrestler can't have enough practice gear (clothing does tend to be a little ripe around mid season - so this will be much appreciated by your wrestler and their parents).

Asics Wrestling Bag

ASICS Wrestling Bag

This sport-specific gear bag was designed for competitive athletes. We have these in stock ready to ship. -$29.98

I actually had this type of bag when I wrestled. It has of course been updated and is a different color then the one I had, but it still has that separate compartment to keep your wrestlers smelly and sweaty clothes away from the clean or not so funky gear in the rest of the bag.

Nike Mesh Shorts

Nike Men's Mesh Shorts

You can rely on the Nike Reversible Mesh Men's Shorts to get you through your toughest work-outs. $32.98

It's hard to find shorts in the winter time, check out these shorts and the others we have to offer on our site. Can't go wrong with Nike gear for anyone in your family.